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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Closing up shop

Blogging bores me. I'm running off and joining the circus. Ciao.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What Would Beetlejuice Do?

Somedays you just need to put yourself in the shoes of Tim Burton's pseudopsychotic, near-omnipotent bio-exorcist and say "How would Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse...whatever) handle this?" Never underestimate the power to turn yourself into a giant snake and put people into polyester leisure suits at will. It can be a great thing.

You can always tell what's on the pay channels when I'm blogging and have nothing better to talk about.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Scooped by Stereogum

I just had to go and rant about the Usher-Nazis at the ballgame. I had to defer what I was initially going to post about for a day. And Stereogum had to go and post about it today and make me look like a second-rate poser plagiarist. I'm not saying that I'm not, but there's still no need to draw even more attention to it.

Anyways, I was going to talk about how I had downloaded a great mp3 from a band called Cold War Kids. I was going to talk about how Hospital Beds is such a ridiculously good song that I'm considering ordering the EPs that this band is selling themselves. I was going to say all that stuff, but now that they are officially a Stereogum "Band To Watch", there's no need. Anyone who cares already knows.

I take little comfort in the fact that he probably discovered them at Gorilla vs. Bear just like I did. Very little comfort.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Take Fun Out Of The Ballgame

Truly a magnificent weekend for a baseball game. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and the Twins were playing like a Little League team. Oh it was glorious.

But what the hell is up with the usher-Nazis at Comerica Park? Prior experience has shown that they won't allow people to move forward into empty seats, even after it becomes completely apparent that the seats won't be filled. But this weekend, the SS hit a new low.

Out in the bleachers, a slightly-inebriated gentleman walked to the front of the section in an attempt to start the wave. After unintelligently getting the section to do the wave into the centerfield wall, help was on the way and the section next to us (going in the right direction this time) was on board. The city that invented the wave was about to get one going.

But no. Heaven forbid. Because the Queen Usher-Nazi came to the front and said, while she loved the team spirit, the folks trying to get the wave off the ground had to return to their seats. The city that invented the wave was cockblocked by some douchebag in an office writing rules that don't make sense.

The Tigers haven't had a winning team in 13 years. They don't sell games out. Until recently, there hasn't even been interest in the sport. In the interest of encouraging attendance and fan interest, shouldn't the Copa consider maybe relaxing on the stupid rules and letting the fans indulge in some harmless fun?

At least I finally got my old English D hat this weekend.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The List - 4/23 thru 4/28

Oh it's time for the second edition of The List. You know...because the first one went so well.

The Good
Pistons up 2-0 on the Bucks.

The Bad
Year 2 of The B-Dawg calling me at least twice a night during each Piston playoff game. Wait at least until the Conference Finals, man!

The Ugly
The fact that we've started to refer to people who get too drunk, hug you, have to get way up in your face to talk to you and end up somehow getting puke on the floor as "B-Dawging it". I'm in no rush to send him a link to this.

The Horrifyingly Bizzare
My strange attraction to Ann Coulter. I don't get it either.

The Reasonably Cool
The Lemonheads sign to Vagrant Records, joining another seminal rocker in Paul Westerberg and a little band I kind of like known as The Hold Steady.

They are also now sharing a label with such vomit-inducing emo bands such as Dashboard Confessional, The New Amsterdams/Get-Up Kids, and once-upon-a-time Sixteenth Minute guilty pleasure-band Saves The Day. I'm still very sorry that I made J-Rob sit through that with me, although it was definitely worth it to see Grandaddy.

The Funny Thing
J-Rob's growing concern that he's become a recurring character on this blog. You're the only real person I talk about this stuff with, man!

The Very Cool
Wall of Sound revival music in the form of The Pipettes, The Carrots, and Detroit's own Saturday Looks Good To Me. Does this mean that The Raveonettes will be considered trendsetters if this sound really takes off?

The Most Disturbing Headline I saw on
"Mom in coffin mix-up demands, 'I want my baby'"

Second Most Disturbing Headline I saw on
"'Little Mermaid' baby making strides"

Scary Thought
Was one of those really more or less disturbing than the other?

Just Because
Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Best way to spend $.99 at the iTunes Music Store
"Leif Erikson" by Interpol

Have a good weekend and pray the Lions draft a wide receiver.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I need to go CD shopping

I'm getting twitchy. I haven't been to a record store since my used CD splurge a few weeks ago and I haven't purchased anything new since the Mylo/Band of Horses order around the same time. I need new music!

But I'm being strong. I need to hold out until May because that month is going to break my disposable income budget for most of the summer. Here's just a short list of what I'm looking forward to:

The Walkmen - Hundred Miles Off
I can't really express how much I am looking forward to this one. Their last album, Bows + Arrows, was firmly entrenched in my CD player a full year before they showed up on The O.C. I know that back in 2004, everyone was going apeshit over Funeral by The Arcade Fire, but I think I liked this one better. And that's saying a lot.

Sereena Maneesh - Serena Maneesh
Norwegian shoegaze. Norwegian-fucking-shoegaze. It's been out in the EU for over a year, and now it's getting ready to land here. Cannot wait.

Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
You knew it was coming. Dangermouse and Cee-Lo Green cranking out psychadelic hip-hop. Dangermouse also did The Mouse and the Mask with MF Doom, and he helped produce the last Gorillaz record, which is interesting me more and more each passing day. As for Gnarls, "Crazy" might just end up being the song of the year.

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
Oh yeah. I'll never get sick of these guys. NEVER. I hear that this album might be their best in years, because they may have been phoning it in for their past few to fulfill their contract. And I liked their past few albums.

Side note: I caught Hype!, a 1996 documentary about the Seattle music scene of the 80s/early 90s last night and Eddie Vedder was featured prominently. Man...That guy is one jaded mo-fo!

The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns
Greg Dulli is God. And I mean that in most heretical way possible, because I know he would want me to. If I was forced to find a drawback to any of the Singers' records, it would be that they aren't The Afghan Whigs. Oh well.

I know there will be more. I'm sure there are some that I've forgotten. And I know I'll see something else shiny and interesting or I'll make the foolish mistake of trying something on a listening station. On or around May 23 I'm heading to the store with a mind to buy and little to no regard for how much money I spend.

These are my benders.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

When Words Fail

This is perhaps the singularly most unexpected and creepy thing I can imagine right now. I'm going to hide under the bed.

See more clips from Sesame Street here. Thanks to Pop Candy for the link.